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Glowing Skin this Summer

  • Posted on August 5, 2013 at 4:24 pm

Six Tips To Achieve Glowing Skin Without Visiting A Clinic

In this era of globalization, for the quintessential working women following a regular skin care regime seems like a completely unattainable task . Thus, they would rather invest obscene amounts of money buying those celebrity marketed anti-aging products or take a quick appointment in the skin clinic to get rid of their skin trouble almost instantly. However, remember there is a reason it is called natural, because the effects are long term and obviously easy on your pockets. Hence here are six tips to achieve a glowing skin without visiting that clinic:

Apply Sun-blocks always

Sun, the most natural source of vitamin D which is essential for the human body, however the UV Rays are the cause for most of the skin problems ranging from early aging, to tanning to skin darkening. No matter where you go and what time of the day it is, always wear a sun block. Choose a sun-block that suits your skin type, preferably a SPF 40 and apply it in a diluted form with your daily moisturizer. And you are ready to shine.

Cleanse, Moisturize and Exfoliate

This should be a normal skin care regime for any women who want to have that glowing skin. Living in the 21st century amidst a hurricane of pollution, your skin needs to breathe as much as you do. Cleanse your face twice daily, first with water and then with a mild cleanser, following the process up with an astringent free toner and finally exfoliate it with walnut or apricot based scrubs. Do not forget to complete the process by adding on a little bit of moisturizer once you finish the cleansing routine.

Use Face-Packs

Apart from the regular skin care regime, don’t forget to apply a herbal face-pack containing the ingredients of neem, sandalwood, turmeric or otherwise atleast twice a week. The anti-aging face-packs again as available in the market, are with slightly heavy chemical composition, however may work wonders if applied at intervals of two weeks or similar gaps.

Eat Healthy

Your skin reflects what you eat, hence a sick body would reflect a problematic skin irrespective of whichever anti-aging products you might be applying. Consume atleast 2 litres of water on a daily basis to detoxify your skin cells. Further your diet should include atleast 4 fruits, 3 vegetables and daily supplements of protein and vitamins. The vegetables should preferably be citric and colored.

Avoid Addictions

Addictions are not good for your skin or your body for that matter, be it in the form of caffeine, nicotine or alcohol as the case may be. Cut down at the earliest if absolute abstinence is not your call. The intake of caffeine should be restricted to 250ml per day, and so far as alcohol and nicotine is concerned the consumption should be restricted to the least. Handle your stress in a more productive manner, opt for counseling if necessary.

Exercise and Meditate

Body sweat works wonders for one’s body, since it releases the excess of oils and thereby acts as a natural detoxifying agent. Thus it is recommended that every women should take out atleast 30 minutes from their busy schedule and engage in some routine exercise, meditation and yoga. Remember if you are at peace with your body and mind, your skin would reflect the same.

The above mentioned skin care regimes have been suggested keeping in mind the daily lives of millions of women. A little bit of discipline and love towards your own self, and that mirror would most definitely smile back at you.

About the Author:

The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession associated with, who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles. 


Permanent Makeup for women 50+

  • Posted on February 5, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Fashion designer Betsey Johnson, age 70, got her cartoon-esque, lightning bolt chest tattoo way back in 1974. However, it wasn’t until Melanie Griffith inked a heart labeled Antonio on her right bicep in 2000 at age 42 that body art for grown-up girls became the edgy thing to do.  Susan Sarandon inked her kids initials on her neck and upper back and Helen Mirren has a tiny doo-dad on her left hand. Let’s be honest though; lots of women 50+ still think any kind of tattoo is tacky (even on guys). Others love the mystery of a tiny permanent bracelet on their ankle or wrist, a cluster of stars on a foot or an inspirational phrase

winding down their spine. Some older babes regret getting  tattoos as

their weight, lifestyle, looks or skin texture change. If you’re considering a tattoo, read this first:

THINK DISCREET, LONG TERM AND CLASSY. The tattoo process is painful and permanent and laser removal if you change your mind is no party either. Don’t decorate where you tend to gain weight or have saggy flabby skin. Skip your belly,

décolletage, upper arms and derriere. Wrists, ankles, hip bones, spine, the top of your shoulders or back of your neck are safer bets and easier to hide under clothes, hair or jewelry. But do your homework. Make sure your artist has a license, a spotless work environment and excellent references from women you know and a refined hand. No exotic tattoos on vacation (infection and hepatitis C can be a reality), no new soul-mate initials (relationships may not be forever), no splashy body murals that compete with brown spots, wrinkles and broken capillaries for attention, and no tats more colorful than our hair, makeup and nail polish!

DO PERMANENT MAKEUP VERRRRY CAREFULLY. Permanent makeup is a micro-pigment form of facial tattooing and trending up in our demo. Celebs like Dolly Parton and Raquel Welch are rumored to be fans. Yes, waking up every day with perfectly full brows, crisply defined eyes and shapely lips tinted a youthful pinky-tan sounds appealing but, few technicians are masters of this tricky art. The good news is that brow, eye and lip tattoos are being offered as optional procedures at top dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices, so ask your doctors (not your waxing lady) for advice. You’ll need a patch test first to rule out sensitivity and time away from Retin-A, facials and contacts (if you choose eye liner). Dyes take weeks to settle into their real color and will look much darker at first. Choose shades that enhance your natural coloring and just strengthen your features. The skin surrounding “the work” may appear shiny, red, puffy and the procedure isn’t pain-free (it feels like pricking a sunburn). If you choose to do permanent makeup, it’s best to get it done during a stay-cation.

All Five colors

A very nice travel bar for the greatest Cover Makeup

OOPS! YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND. Some tats are harder to remove depending on size, color, location, age of your ink and your skin tone. Try a temporary tattoo for a test run. Laser is the way to go for removal but don’t expect a one-day miracle. Repeat sessions are necessary. To cover a tattoo with makeup you’ll need an opaque matte waterproof concealer designed for the job. Try Après Laser Cover Makeup ($20, for small designs.

A tattoo can be a cool way to pay tribute or celebrate at 50 but there are other options; diamonds anyone?

For more information on becoming certified in Permanent Cosmetic Makeup, check out my new book Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Training ($250.00),

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