Permanent Cosmetics offers improved self image

  • Posted on January 5, 2013 at 5:12 pm

They say beauty is only skin deep, but how people feel about their appearance can affect their whole outlook on life.  That’s why permanent cosmetics are becoming a preferred alternative to the expense and trouble of applying makeup every morning.  It’s also being used to increase the self-esteem of burn survivors and people with medical conditions that affect their appearance.

Makeup4ever has become a popular alternative to makeup for such celebrities as Raquel Welsh, Cher, Liz Taylor, Dustin Hoffman, and warren Beatty.  Now that the secret is out, many people are taking advantage of this procedure.

The technique of permanent Micro Dermagraphics uses a special tool to place a non-allergenic iron oxide pigment under the skin.  The process, which originated in the Orient, is similar to the ancient art of tattooing.  The main difference is that tattooing penetrates the skin more deeply than Micro Dermagraphics.

Permanent cosmetics are most commonly used for eyeliner, eyebrows and lip liner.  It offers relief and freedom for many who are allergic to makeup as well as for contact lens wearers.  It is also used for camouflaging scars, birthmarks, stretch marks and other skin irregularities.

Burn survivors have scars camouflaged.  Alopecia sufferers, who often have no facial hair, have eyebrows created.  Vitiligo sufferers have skin areas without pigment camouflage with a mixture of inert pigments to achieve an

Intradermal Skin  Pigmentation

A beautiful, lasting alternative to conventional store bought makeup.

A revolutionary new, effective and medically proven way to enhance how you and others view yourself by bringing out the true beauty of your lips, eyebrows, eye liner and skin.

Leaves your lips, eyebrows, eye liner and skin looking naturally fresh and beautiful 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Models, movie & TV stars and other beauty conscious women such as Elizabeth Taylor, Dolly Parton, Raquel Welsh, Cher, Rosanne Barr and others have discovered the beautify, long lasting and youthful benefits of intradermal skin pigmentation.

An ideal solution to permanently camouflaging  post surgical, post chemotherapy disfigurements such as scaring and hair loss.

Truly cost effective.  One to two treatments  replaces the on-going time and expense of using conventional store bought makeup for a minimum of 3650 times during the next ten year.

“I feel better about myself today because of permanent cosmetics,” says C. Ross of Chicago.  “The pigment camouflaged stretch marks that were caused during adolescent growth.  I feel that this procedure can help many people who are self-conscious about their appearance due to societal pressures.”

At Makeup4Ever, Karen Troyer-Kotleba works with the client to achieve the desired results with permanent makeup.  She uses a topical anesthetic for comfort and clients can be involved in the decision-making throughout the process.  Although plastic surgeons perform the same procedure with the patient under general anesthesia (unconscious) at three times the cost, Kotleba finds that her clients prefer to be more involved in the procedure.

How people feel about their appearance affects their whole outlook on life.  Beauty may only be skin deep, but the way one feels about them self runs deep.  Permanent cosmetics are becoming a preferred alternative to the expense and trouble of applying makeup every morning or multiple times a day to enhance face lift patients, laser demarcation, people allergic to cosmetics, people with stretch marks, birthmarks or any skin irregularity have all benefited from permanent cosmetics!

Through this technology, we can reconstruct the vermilion borders of the lip, as well as full lip color, for fuller and permanent color.  We can place a lash line for a solid eyeliner or a more muted look to enhance the eye.  Pigment can be feathered to make natural looking eyebrows for facial symmetry or to simply build a brow where there is no hair.


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