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Permanent Beauty

  • Posted on April 29, 2013 at 5:20 pm
Permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, full lip color

Permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, full lip color


Permanent makeup or micropigmentation is a technique used in cosmetic dermatology to produce makeup resembling designs, such as eyeliner application and similar permanent enhancement colors by placing permanent pigmentation (tattoos) onto the skin, lips, face, and eyelids.

Save time

One big and noticeable benefit of getting permanent makeup done is the amount of time you will save. Women who have a lot of responsibilities, time-constraints in their schedules and long commutes to work can save a lot of time they would have otherwise spent on putting their makeup on.

No mistakes, fading or smudging

It is possible for women to make mistakes while applying makeup or for it to smudge or fade during the day. With permanent makeup, there is no such worry. Professional makeup artists make sure that there are no mistakes and once it is on, you don’t have to ever worry about smudging or fading. Even if you lead a very athletic or active lifestyle, your makeup won’t smudge when you sweat, wash your face or take showers.

Benefits for disabled individuals

People who have damaged motor skills or are impaired due to old age or diseases, like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis or arthritis, or suffer from physical disabilities, will find it very difficult to apply makeup on their own daily. For such individuals permanent makeup is the perfect solution as they don’t have to worry about applying it properly everyday, and once permanent makeup is done, they don’t have to worry whether they have applied the makeup on correctly. People who have poor eyesight may also find it convenient to use permanent makeup for similar reasons.

Cosmetic reasons

After doing some reconstructive surgery, especially on the breasts or face, people can use permanent makeup to make the appearance of the skin return to normal to cover up pigment loss or scarring from the surgery. Certain individuals, even, undergo procedures for the application of permanent makeup for improving the results they have got from a cosmetic surgery on the breasts. People suffering from hair loss issues, which causes their eyebrow hair also to fall can benefit from permanent eyebrow makeup. People with scarring on their lips can hide those scars using permanent lip coloring. It can also be used by people who suffer from allergic skin conditions or pigmentation conditions like vitiligo to cover up the irregular patches that appear on their skin.

Accentuate facial features

You can also use permanent makeup to accentuate the facial features you already have. Darkening and feathering your well-shaped eyebrows, coloring in eyeliner, and adding color and fullness for your lips are a few makeup procedures that will accentuate your features to improve your look and give you confidence.

Permanent makeup allows you to sport a look that you’d like to have every single day. Besides improving the way you look, this will also give you confidence to do your daily work.

Author:   Karen Kotleba RN is a girl dreaming of living in a lipstick jungle, and has been researching the benefits of permanent makeup in everyday life.